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The International Young Catholic Student (IYCS) is a Catholic action movement of the apostolate of Laity.

It is traditionally an evangelisation agent in schools and student milieu (secondary and higher education). 


 Being full of energy and having the ability of social transformation, the International YCS, in the light of the Gospel and the different local realities, face head on and resolve the respective challenges by using the individual or group application of the Methodology of the Review of Life, See-Judge-Act.


The International Young Catholic Students (IYCS), also known as Young Christian Students, has its roots in the development of several YCS National Movements in the late 1920’s, which grew in the spirit of the Specialized Catholic Action Movements that were inspired by Joseph Cardinal Cardijn (the founder of Young Catholic Workers).


IYCS, being a movement of the Catholic Church for students and by students, we have offices in over a hundred destinations around the world. 

We are YCS, We are ONE

Bringing together students seeking community, formation and action, in the framework of the Catholic Church, at the local, national, continental and global levels.

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