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10 Principles of Christian Leadership Discussion by YCS Indonesia

Figure of event flayer

On Saturday, June 27, 2020 Young Catholic Students (YCS) Atma Jaya as a member of YCS Indonesia held an online seminar or webinar entitled “10 Principles of Christian Leadership Discussion". The webinar participants came from YCS Pontianak, YCS Manado, YCS Kupang, YCS Ende, YCS Atma Jaya, EYM (Eucharistic Youth Movement) Indonesia and Magis Indonesia. There were 70 students participated in this webinar.

The program was started with an overview of YCS Indonesia presented by Fr. Haryanto as the YCS Indonesia chaplain and continued with the introduction of YCS Indonesia management structure and the spirituality of See, Judge, Act. Then, it was followed with the material presentation by Magdalena P. Lewoleba (member of YCS Atma Jaya) about Christian Leadership and 10 points of leadership. This presentation highlighted the importance of Christian Leadership in the daily lives mostly for the young generation. It also explained comprehensively and practically about the 10 Leadership points that are lived by YCS Atma Jaya with relating the See Judge Act spirituality.

Then it continued with a sharing session that was started by two YCS Atma Jaya representatives, namely Vena and Inosius. This sharing session gave the shared opportunity for the participants to share about their concrete experiences of implementing 10 points of leadership. This session also included Q&A which was also open for all the participants with moderator Brigida Tyas from YCS Atma Jaya. This webinar seemed so interactive and encouraging and at the same time the participants were very enthusiastic. This could be seen from the number of participants who were willing to share and ask questions openly.

The event was eventually closed with an invitation and encouragement from YCS Atma Jaya to the other YCS parties to organize the webinar on the future occasions. High hopes that the promotion of this webinar can give opportunity for young Catholics to get in touch with each other more spiritually and at last deepen their Christian Leadership and 10 Points of Leadership. These are the 10 principles of Christian Leadership:

1. Energy goes along with imagination.

2. We are all the same. There is no seemingly appearance.

3. Say “A”, Do “A”.

4. Someone speaks, the others listen.

5. Totality, with full strength and ability.

6. Be Proactive and initiative.

7. Be creative: think imaginatively.

8. Prioritize feeling more than logic.

9. Take on the challenges, because it's challenging.

10. We can only give what we already have.

Figure of speakers and participants of webinar

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