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15th Asian Session & Council

Today we started our 15th Asian Session & Council at International Young Training Center(IYTC),Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The National Movements that the participants come from this time are:

YCS Thailand, YCS China, YCS Indonesia, SCA Philippines, YCS Bangladesh, YCS/YSM India, YCS Sri Lanka, YCS Singapore, Observer movement: CSA Myanmar.

In the morning, YCS Bangladesh led us to pray in the morning to start a beautiful morning. Then Jessica led everyone to share their expectations for the session, and shared in groups and Innocent explained the theme of the session to everyone.

During the opening Mass, CSA Myanmar’s Chaplain Fr. Kurt shared with us the challenges of Myanmar’s youth and gave us three words shared by the Pope:be brave, be generous and above joyful.

In the afternoon, we introduced our national movement,

Fr.Chetan also introduced Fratelli Tutti to us. We also used this theme to share in groups how to promote it in their respective national movements and realize our ideas in Asia.

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